We frown upon being broken and applaud when someone has it all together. In the short-term it is much more easier to wear a mask and walk around and say I have it all together, completely forgetting about the long term repercussions this has in our life.

So when I came across the Japanese term Kintsugi, I felt very called to it and decided to illustrate it.

Kintsugi: The Japanese art of mending broken objects with gold and knowing that brokenness can make an object even more beautiful.

Isn't that beautiful ? Why must we be afraid to be imperfect, why do we strive to have it all together in front of everyone? Be yourself, those who matter will always understand and those who don't, well, do you really need to care about what they think about? I know, it's easier said than done, subconsciously our mind automatically focuses on, "what will everyone think?" It's an everyday practice, something which I am slowly trying to do as well.

I am someone who thinks too much about what the world will say, even those people who honestly aren't even that important in my life, people who are just fleeting visitors in my space.

Why do we so easily give them the power ? Are their opinions really that important? Do they know you enough for you to give them this space? Do they really matter that much to you ?

I have come to realize one thing, I make deeper connections and long term friendships when I give myself the space to be me. Yes, not everyone is going to gravitate towards me, I mean it's practically impossible for that to happen. But at least one out of those ten will.

Sometimes people are just shy to openly say and share that what you said or how you are makes them feel seen, "what will people say or think?" is so deeply rooted in our subconscious that initially when someone behaves like how the society doesn't expect them to, people tend to go into a shock.

Keep those people who carve their own path close to your heart, there is so much to learn from them.

Every time you feel the need to be perfect, every time you feel the need to hide your true beautiful broken, imperfect self remember this Japanese saying.



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